2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid Review and Prices

The Ford Company has always tried to design a vehicle which is MPV and fuel efficient.2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid is just like that, a very economical and may answer to many different kinds of use. This is not a revolutionary new idea in this segment, and the look of this car is pretty same as the basic non-hybrid model, but its performances are on the quite higher standard.


2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid – Image Source: Car and Driver

On the exterior of the 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid, we can see that the designers have used a basic model of the C-Max to install ads for a hybrid vehicle. The size of it is quite regular, and goes to 173.6 inches in length, 72.0 inches in width and 63.8 inches in height, which leaves room for 103cu feet inside passenger space and only 20 cubic feet in the trunk. There are also reutilized LED headlights and also redesigned backlights. Grille is also reutilized and set lower than usual which give a good and serious look of this vehicle. The back door is big enough for taking in every kind of baggage. The very good picture of this car is also complemented by 17-inch alloy wheels, and side mirrors in the color of the car, with the turn signal on the bottom of it.


2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior – Image Source: Motor Trend

Also, the interior of this vehicle did not change from the basic model.2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid also have installed a new SYNC 3 infotainment system as standard in Fords vehicles. This system is installed on an 8.0 touch screen with two USB ports, backup sensors, and a power-operated lift gate. Comfortably raised seating position provides a minimum of the blind spots. Seats are covered with cloth and have a lot of space in the headroom and legroom in order to increase a comfort even during a longer travel. The steering wheel is covered with leather and it is also multifunctional. The trunk is not so big and it is reduced from the regular model, because of the battery pack that takes a lot of space. But, there is enough space for cargo when the back seats are folded.


The engine is something that increases the interest for this new 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid. In the first line that is a 2.0 liter DOHC Atkinson cycle 16-valve inline-4 engine, which produces a 141 HP and torque of 129 lb/ft. Also, thanks to very powerful 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors which produce a 118 HP and torque of 117 lb/ft, we can reach the 188 HP when these two engines are combined. Autonomy of the electric engine is about 20 miles on it alone. Fuel-efficient is a 95 MPG combined. Top speed is limited to the 103 MPH, in 0-60 MPH it goes in 7.6 sec, and braking is from 70-0 MPH 179 ft.

2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid – Image Source: Motor Trend

2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid Prices

There is no doubt that this new 2017 Ford C-Max is very popular among customers. Official price for Hybrid SE version starts at $24,175. If you want little more form C-Max you can find Hybrid Titanium $27,175. There are also Energi SE model starting at $27,120 and Energi Titanium for $30,120.

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