2017 Ford Everest Design and Price

2017 Ford Everest

If you are looking for a large SUV and also on a little lower price than the new 2017 Ford Everest is the right choice for you. Its fine design along with improved performances puts this model on the top of the vehicles in this class. The first appearance of this model was in 2003, and since then there were only a step forward in improving this SUV.
2017 Ford Everest


The 2017 Ford Everest is designed to be very robust and to have an aggressive and serious look. On the front, there is a big grille which is covered with chrome. On the side, there are a big LED lights, with a rectangle look and set horizontal. Under it, on the low side of the car, there are also mighty fog lamps. Front bumper is also chromed, and have the protection of the floor of the car. Back of the car is not changed a lot, only with the redesigned backlight which has oval look and partly on the backdoor and the body. Wheels are 18 and 20 inches optional, but the entire test says that the 17 inches wheels are more comfortable and also safer for driving.
2017 Ford Everest


This 2017 Ford Everest is a larger SUV, and it is designed as a vehicle for seven passengers in three rows. In that matter, the two front rows are very comfortable and spacious in the headroom and legroom, but the third row is a little deficient in the legroom. In there is an active cruise control which is powered by the steering wheel. In there is also standard SYNC 3 infotainment system shown on the 8.0 touch screen on the dashboard, along with a voice control and ten speakers. In there is also a dual zone climate control and also a vent for the passengers. Rear view camera helps to increase visibility and in a matter of safety seven airbags.


There is just one option for the engine in the new 2017 Ford Everest. That is a 3.2-liter turbocharged diesel fuel direct injection, with 20 valves and five cylinders. This engine can produce a 195 HP at 3000 rpm, and torque of 347 lb/ft at 1750 rpm. Drive train is rear wheel drive and 4WD. Transmission is standard 6-speed automatic. Fuel efficient is average and it is about a 34-44 MPG, and it may vary from driving style and conditions.
2017 Ford Everest

2017 Ford Everest

As we said, 2017 Ford Everest is going to be a very Stylish and capable SUV with modern and well-designed exterior and fine engine improves. The release date of the improved model is going to be somewhere in the may 2017, and the price will start from the AUS$ 47,990 ($38,000) for the ambient model and up to AUS$ 74,990 ($60,000) for Titanium, a very well equipped vehicle.

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