2017 Ford F-650 Price and Design

2017 Ford F-650

In the way of light truck and commercial vehicles, 2017 Ford F-650 is sure among the top models. With it, light structure, light materials, and well design, at are quite wanted model among this size vehicles for all kind of business and work, on even harder terrains.
2017 Ford F-650


The 2017 Ford F-650 is a big step forward in way of design. It is a little bit more rounded on specific places and without sharp edges, which fit eyes of more the demanding customers. The front grille is big, massive and gives an aggressive look to this truck, with chrome and aluminum in the edges of it. Head lamps are on the same edge of the vehicle in order to improve visibility. And with optional a daylights. There are two doors, but in some model such as Cab Crew, we can find four doors. Side mirrors are quite big and make easy handling even in difficult conditions. On the side, we can also see the two chromed steps which are standard equipment, and with alloy steel wheels, it completes our image of fine designed vehicle for all kind of work.


Inside of 2017 Ford F-650 light truck, we can find a lot of ads that make the drive easier in way of comfort. There is arm rest for the drive as necessary assets, and vinyl fixed low-base driver and passenger seats with console. There is also a soft armrest, grab handle upper and lower map pockets. Then there is also a manual air conditioner, including heater and defroster, also a demisters LH and RH side windows. In the matter of entertainment, there is only AM/FM stereo with MP3 capability, and optional single disc CD/MP3 player with SYNC and USB 2.0 port and steering wheel control. Also, we can get in this vehicle an assist handle, interior A-pillar and cruise control mounted on steering wheel.
2017 Ford F-650


Engine Is something that definitely does not have to concern us in new 2017 Ford F-650.There are two strong engines planned for this truck. It is in the first place a 6.7 liter Power Stroke V8 diesel engine with 270 HP and torque of 675lb/ft. In this model of the engine, there are two optional engines of 300 HP and torque of 700lb/ft and 330 HP with a torque of 725lb/ft. Another choice in engine solutions is a 6.8 liter Triton V10 32-valve gasoline engine which brings us a 320 HP and torque of 460 lb/ft. Drive type of these engines is 4×2 dual rear wheels. Standard in these engines is a 6-speed automatic transmission with double overdrive as standard on both of diesel or gas. Fuel capacity on this vehicle is from 55 gallons and up to 115 gallons. Brakes are split hydraulic with 4-channel ABS.
2017 Ford F-650

2017 Ford F-650

There are no doubts that the new 2017 Ford F-650 is going to have many more customers all over the world and among lovers of older models. The price of this vehicle is somewhere about $55,955 for the basic model.

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