2017 Ford Focus RS Specs and Review

2017 Ford Focus RS

And finally, the long wait for the strong and very competitive car is over. We are introducing you to a 2017 Ford Focus RS, a small and compact, and in the same time a very strong and complete sports car, improved and reinforced. It will sure be a very popular car among all the in the rally sport and answer to demands of that size of the market.
2017 Ford Focus RS


The exterior does not look like the other powerful cars. 2017 Ford Focus RS is just like that-simple and nice looking compact vehicle. On the front, we can see a big aggressive look of the grille, which is all black and closed. Under the grille, there is bumper in the color of the rest of the car, and with vertically fog lamps, with air flow vents. Front side is much lower than the back side which gives this model nicer sports look. Back of the car did not change a lot from the previous model and consist of simple backlights with big end on the side of the car, and back spoiler which is put on the top of the trunk door, in the end of the roof. We can also see here a double exhaust pipe on the both sides of the vehicle. Wheels are specially designed for this model and they are wheel-and –tire package consisting of specific 19 inches forged aluminum wheel.
2017 Ford Focus RS


When we speak about an interior of any sports car, we must be prepared to have a little sharper drive. In the 2017 Ford Focus RS that is not a pretty big problem. In the first line because of seats that are the product of RECARO, and also covered with a leather. Front are adjustable in many ways in order to make drive comfortable even on demanding trips. The infotainment system is, of course, a latest product from this factory, SYNC 3, with TFT monitor in the center of the instrumental panel which shows us a lot of information. Instrument panel provides all the necessary information to the driver, and on the steering wheel, we have a lot of commands, and it is also covered with leather. Although, there are a plenty of space in the front on the legroom and headroom, but not so much space in the back.
2017 Ford Focus RS


The engine on the new 2017 Ford Focus RS is something that the designers are proud of. It is 2.3 liters turbocharged and intercooler DOHC 16-valve inline-4 engine and with direct fuel injection. This engine also like many models has an aluminum block and head. This engine provides a 350 HP at 6000 rpm, and torque of 350lb/ft at 3200 rpm. Transmission is 6-speed manual. In 0-60MPH it goes in 4.6 sec, and top speed is limited to 165MPH. Braking from 70MPH-0 is 154ft.Fuel economy is 19 MPG in the city and the 25 MPG on the highway.

2017 Ford Focus RS

Price for the basic model is going to be about $36,120, and more for better equipment.

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