2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 review

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1

We are proudly introducing you with a 2017 Ford Galpin GTR1. There are not so many sports cars in the market not only planned for this year, but this fantastic vehicle is sure going to be one of the most popular because of its performances and driving safety solutions.
2017 Ford Galpin GTR1


Outside of this car we can on the first sight say that it is a well-designed sports car. 2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 has it an aggressive line that decorates same structure of the sports vehicles. We can see that he looks a longer and wider on the first sight. It comes in silver paint and has two black lines that go all over him. Besides the numerous of the air holes and well-shaped body, there are no many difference than the predecessor. On the side, we can spot very big tires which increase stability and provide lot more safety.


The 2017 Ford Galpin GTR 1 has two doors and two seats with enough space to sit in it. The interior is painted very strange, all inside is painted in blue. Both of the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, doors transmission is blue. Seats have a little stranger design than usual in a sports car and rows of silver all over them. The steering wheel does not look something special and it is quite simple than usual without any buttons, which is also unusual.
2017 Ford Galpin GTR1


The most expensive and probably the best thing on the entire 2017 Ford Galpin GTR 1 is sure the engine. It has hours and hour’s designer’s effort to produce the best sports engine for a vehicle like this. It has a strong 5.4 liter V-8 Ford Racing twin turbocharged engine, with fantastic 1024 HP. It goes from 0-60 MPH in 3.1 sec, and top speed is limited at 225 MPH. Transmission is 6-speed manual.
2017 Ford Galpin GTR1

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1

There are many sports cars which came from this factory. The new 2017 Ford Galpin GTR 1 is sure one of the best product from this company, not only by design but also invest the effort to satisfy all demands of the customers. The starting price of this model is probably going to be somewhere about $1,000,000.

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