2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid

2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid is going to be only a continued effort of the Ford company designers to answer to more and more demanding market in the fuel efficient cars with low emission of the CO2.This MPV is going to be the right choice in that way. It is built on the same Ford EUCD platform, but it will differ in the engine compartment.


2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid – Image Source: Motor Trend

It takes a real dedication to car production process to create a model as appealing 2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid. The front did not come as revolutionary design, and it echoes the regular S-Max, but with a sloped hood and the diamond shaped grille with a new chromed finish. The sharp looking headlight gives the front of this car aggressive and serious appearance. Back of the car also have new look, which has a new major overhaul which affects a general appearance. Door handles are also redesigned and also with metal and chrome details. Wheels are alloy 16 inch, and up to optional 18 inches. Extra edges are added to the taillights, along with a brand new designed bumper.


2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid interior – Image Source: Motor Trend

The designers have the effort to put a lot of different equipment in new 2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid in order to increase entertainment and comfort. Upscale leather and textile materials on the steering wheel, seats and on the dashboard give a nice touch of elegance. The configuration of front seats provides a flexibility that gives to the passengers in the back two rows more comfort. The infotainment system consists of the latest designs. It is in first line SYNC 3 System, with 8.0-inch touch screen. Active cruise control is also standard equipment, along with voice control and parking sensors. In there are also a lane keep system and rear camera installed inside.


Something that designers of 2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid can be proud of is certainly an engine. In the first line that will be an engine from the concept car 1.5-liter petrol engine which in combination gives us a decent 180 HP. Offers is going to be a small battery pack and plug-in models with a larger pack of all-electric range. In the ideas of designers is also an idea to make a little stronger engine, a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine and an electric engine larger than previous models. There are also a lot of useful things in this car as the traction control and anti-lock brakes, and also a brake assist. Planned fuel economy is around 37MPG.

2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid – Image Source: Car Magazine

2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid Prices

There are no doubts among designers of new 2017 Ford S-Max Hybrid that they make a very complete and quality car. In the first line, this is very big, comfortable and useful family car, and then safe and economical. The price of basoc model starts at $24,175 and you can find Hybrid Titanium vesrion for just $27,175.

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