2017 Ford Thunderbird Rumors and Design

2017 Ford Thunderbird
This article is based on rumors, and we couldn't verify information in this article

According to the information our team has got, it seems that Ford has decided to bring its well-known model back to the market. It will be the new 2017 Ford Thunderbird and it will appear with sportier features as well as an improved performance.
2017 Ford Thunderbird


The exterior of the 2017 Ford Thunderbird will be largely inspired by this legendary model from the 1955 – 1957. It will serve as a basis, but many would say that it is certainly inspired by Volvo – Taurus models as well. So, Ford has decided for classic design and vintage elegance and that’s why it will bring back the two-door coupe design on this model. The new Thunderbird will be sportier and more aggressive, but elegant and luxurious at the same time. It will get a retractable top, so you can remove it anytime and get a sophisticated convertible. This model will mostly use aluminum in its body construction which will reduce its weight and have many benefits such as an improved fuel-efficiency and performance. In the front fascia, you will notice a prominent egg-crate grille and a redesigned bumper and headlights. This model will have wider wheel base and expanded C column. In the back part of the vehicle you will find a redesigned rear bumper and taillights.
2017 Ford Thunderbird


Inside the 2017 Ford Thunderbird, you can also expect a classic elegance, ultimate comfort and spacious cabin. Only the high-quality materials such as leather, aluminum, carbon-fiber and wood will be used to furnish the interior. The black leather seats will be comfortable and supportive and offer the heating options and the passengers will get more headroom and legroom. Ford will keep the traditional comfort, but it will also follow the trends of the next-generation vehicles and upgrade its technology. So, you can expect a large touch screen in the center console with the latest infotainment system and options such as navigation, audio system, an automatic climate control, various types of connection and safety features. The interior of the new Thunderbird will probably have two-tone interior, combining light sand color with bronze metallic.
2017 Ford Thunderbird


The information about the engine that the 2017 Ford Thunderbird will be using has not been confirmed yet, but there are some possible solutions. It might come with the 3.9-liter DOHC V-8 engine that will be able to deliver 280 horsepower and 286 pound-feet of torque. As we have already mentioned, the new Thunderbird will definitely improve its performance and fuel economy. It will probably get a rear-wheel drive system and a five-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Ford Thunderbird

The 2017 Ford Thunderbird is expected to make its debut by the end of 2017, but it has not been confirmed yet when it is going to start its production. The price of the base model will probably start at around $50,000.

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