2017 Ford Transit – Cargo Van Pricing

This model of the vehicle was and remains one of the main and most respectable kinds of vans on all market.2017 Ford Transit is going to be just a continued string in all respected Transit van history. The first model of transit was introduced in 1965, and this is planned to be the fifth generation of this magnificent commercial vehicle.


2017 Ford Transit – Image Source: Edmunds

The new 2017 Ford Transit is offered in multiple sizes, the two wheelbases, and three roof heights. It is also offered a single and dual wheel rear axles and choice of either cargo (Van) or Passenger (Passenger Wagon) .On the front, there is a very big grille that gives a serious look. On the edges, there are a big and strong LED headlights set on horizontally and with the upper back side. Front bumper is in black color. On the back, there are also very big back lamps set on vertically. On the back, there are also two big doors which take all the back sides and size half of the doors. On the side, there is side slide door for easy access and cargo packing.


2017 Ford Transit Interior – Image Source: Motor Trend

In the interior of the 2017 Ford Transit, we can find only necessary ads that are important either for the travel or the cargo transportation. The passenger type has enough space for 15 adult persons. the passenger seats are accessed via big slide door and equipped with a power running board step that deployed when the sliding doors were pulled open. On the dashboard is standard in new vehicles is 8.0 touch screen and installed an SYNC 3 infotainment system. The air conditioner is improved, along with an entertainment like better surround system and connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is also an active cruise control and rearview camera, which is necessary in order to increase visibility. Let us mention a blind spot warning and anti-block breaking.


There is prepared three different types of engine for 2017 Ford Transit. First is a 3.7-liter V-6 engine with 275 HP and torque of 260 lb/ft. The second choice is a 3.5 liter EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline-fuelled V-6 engine with 310 HP and torque of 400 lb/ft. The third engine is a turbo diesel 3.2 liter inline five engine, which makes 185 HP and torque of 350 lb/ft. The second engine, the 3.5 liters accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 7.6 sec, and braking from 70-0 MPH is 208 ft. Top speed is limited to a 97 MPH. Fuel efficiency is a not more than 14 MPG.

2017 Ford Transit – Image Source: Auto Blog

2017 Ford Transit Pricing

The Transit was from it first introducing a very popular model of the van all over the world among the customers because of its quality design and certainty. The new 2017 Ford Transit is going to remain that fact. New Ford Transit Van starting at $31,610. XL Passenger Wagon has official starting price at $34,365 and Passenger Wagon XLT has starting price of $35,660.

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