2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign

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2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign is going to be a new car from this factory, in order to be a sharper and with a more aggressive look than the predecessor. Most important elements of this design are given to the interior and luxury for the driver and the passengers, then the exterior which looks like some of the similar models on the market.


Lincoln MKS – Image Source: Car and Driver

The exterior of the 2017 Lincoln MKS is now sharper than before, and it now looks more aggressive with a whole new grille that is designed a double, and with company sign in the metal middle. On the upper ends of the grille is a LED light, not so big and set a little aslope. On the side, a image of the futuristic vehicle complements a very thin side mirrors, in the color of the rest of the body. Back of the car is not so big, and it looks familiar to the some of the models on the market. Back lights are set horizontally and they are entirely on the body. On the bottom of the back side, there is a double exhaust pipe system, which has a square look. The image of the complete car is also complemented with big alloy wheels on the side, which increase comfort and safety.


Interior in the 2017 Lincoln MKS is something that is most respected, in the way of safety and comfort of the passengers. It will also be filled up with a lot of stuff in way of safety such as adaptive cruise control and the sensors safety for braking, and also lane departure sensors. Parking will be easy with rear view camera and with parking sensors. The infotainment system will be displayed on the 8.0 inches screen on the center of the console, and that will also be easy to access from the multifunctional steering wheel, and with voice commands. Seats are covered with fine leather, and adjustable in many ways, with heaters and coolers. Headroom and legroom are also increased from the previous models.

Lincoln MKS – Image Source: Car and Driver


Like the rest of the car, and the engine is not going to be disappointed in the 2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign. That will be two engines in the offer. A weaker engine of 2.0 liter will have about a 300 HP.A bigger engine is going to be a well known 3.7 liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine, with 24 valves and the V-6 DOHC intercooler engine, which will produce a 365 HP on all wheel drive. The fuel economy is not a big plus for this model and it is about a 21 MPG combined.

Lincoln MKS – Image Source: Car and Driver

2017 Lincoln MKS Price

This new model of car will appear at the start of 2017.The basic price for this 2017 Lincoln MKS Redesign will be somewhere about $43,765 , and it will be increased a lot for better equipped and vehicles with better engine and accessories.

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