2017 Lincoln MKX Review and Prices

When you expecting a something remarkable from some vehicle, and you disappoint, that is because of lack of the designer’s imagination. But, when we come to the luxury vehicle such as 2017 Lincoln MKX, we can only thank the company, and be satisfied. This new car is very improved and very well designed, and with a lot of luxury and safety moments that can be helpful for driver and passengers as well.


2017 Lincoln MKX can praise with some of the new moments in the exterior different from the previous model. In the first line that is more rounded chassis, and whole new design of the grille, which is made with two different sides. Head lights are bigger and with new LED technology which saves a it of energy. There are also daylights on the lower side of the bumper. On the back, we can see a totally new design of the back door, with big back lamps partly on the car body and the partly on the back door. There is also double exhaust pipe on the bottom of the car, which looks massive and quite aggressive. On the end of the roof, we can see a spoiler that is with a brake light on it, set horizontally and discreet.


And the interior of the 2017 Lincoln MKX lives quite a big impression on the customers. In the first place that is a very increased comfort and safety in the vehicle. Seats are covered with leather and adjustable in ten ways front, and impressive 22 way of adjusting in total. There are also s 7 different massage settings for these seats. On the central desk is set an 8.0 touch screen with a lot of possibility in the information system, and also with navigation included. Let us just add that inside is installed a lot of safety matter accessories, such as adaptive cruise control, security braking and the lane keeping system, and a 360-degree camera, which helps for driving and parking.


Also one of the most respectable matters in the 2017 Lincoln MKX is sure the engine. And the designers did not disappoint us. Under the hood, we have a 2.7-liter GTDI V-6 engine, which is capable of 335 HP and the torque of 380lb/ft. Fuel economy is not so bad for this strength of the engine, and it is a 17 MPG in the city, and 25 MPG on the highway, which is the result even for the stronger 3.7 liters Ti-VCT engine. The power can be on the front wheels, or the all wheel drive. Wheels are 18 inches standard, and 21 inches optional.

2017 Lincoln MKX Prices

What can we say for this new 2017 Lincoln MKX? It is compound of good thought and quality design. The starting price for the base model is $38,260. This is official Lincoln price, but we found on dealers that base model starts at $44,390 and you can buy well-equipped for $51,635 and loaded for $53,320.

(Image Source: Edmunds)

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