2017 Lincoln Navigator Review and Price

Also one of the most popular models that are recognizable all over the world is sure one of the Lincolns Navigator models.2017 Lincoln Navigator only improves that statement. It is big sized luxury SUV that is well known on the streets and all other places that you hit on. It has its premiere in the 1998 and this is the fourth generation of this magnificent vehicle.


2017 Lincoln Navigator – Image Source: Lincoln

In the way of the exterior, 2017 Lincoln Navigator has suffered only a few minor changes, just in a constant way to improve and satisfy the customer’s desires. There is a little slimmer chromed front grille than before and also split in the middle like some other models. Headlights are string LED, and it has daylights under it, almost hidden. Mirrors are big enough to have a great visibility. Wheels are alloy and 22 inches big, with well-designed tires. Back looks almost the same as some models from this manufacturer, and they take almost the half of the back door, horizontally. Back windshield is big and a little tinted, like the rest of the windows. On the low back side is a single massive exhaust pipe.


One of the things that this car is recognizable is sure the interior.2017 Lincoln Navigator is spacious and well equipped that it is almost one of the best vehicles for the long distance ride. The dashboard is leather wrapped. The lack of entertainment in the earlier models has changed by installing a new SYNC 3 infotainment system, which is powered from the button on the multifunctional wheel, and the voice command. There is also a command on the steering wheel for the phone and navigation, and also an audio function, which became standard now. Seats are leather trimmed and there are three rows, with enough space for adult passengers in the headroom and legroom. Also, inside is installed a rear view camera, cruise control, and lane keeping system, both with brakes control.


This 2017 Lincoln Navigator would not be so popular if he doesn’t have a powerful and respected engine. It is powerful 3.5-liter twin turbocharged V-6 engine with direct injection. This gasoline engine provides us a 380 HP at 5250 rpm, and torque of 460 lb/ft on the 2750 rpm. Acceleration from 0-60 MPH is 6.0 sec. Transmission is a 6-speed automatic. Fuel economy is 15 MPG in the city, and the 21 MPG on the highway, 17 MPG combined. Tank size is 28 gallons and it is located on midship. It is powered by the rear wheels, but with all wheels possibility.

2017 Lincoln Navigator – Image Source: Auto Blog

2017 Lincoln Navigator Prices

There are no many SUV s like the 2017 Lincoln Navigator. In the first line because of its elegant appearance, then the well and precisely design and production. Starting price for this model will be $63,515 for the basic model, and up to $74,580 for loaded 4×4 Reserve model.

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