2018 Ford Ecosport – Compact SUV

The 2018 Ford Ecosport belongs to a series of Ford’s SUV models. This new family member will come as an upgraded, miniature version compared to Ford’s previous vehicles. It will offer an unusual and unique styling with lots of optional features and it could stand up to its competition such as Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V and the Buick Encore.


2018 Ford Ecosport – Image Source: Car and Driver

The first look at the new 2018 Ford Ecosport reveals us the fact that some things definitely don’t change. The front end with its recognizable Ford badge looks significantly similar to some of the Ford’s models such as 2018 Fiesta, 2018 Escape and 2018 C-Max. We have already mentioned that it will appear with smaller proportions. The grille is oddly shaped as well as its headlights and fog lights. There are also curved A-pillars. The whole model seems unique and innovative with its muscular look. Looking at the profile of this model, we can say that it is a typical Ford design. However, there are certain changes when it comes to fender flares, the side view mirrors and the hatch.


2018 Ford Ecosport Interior – Image Source: Motor Trend

In terms of interior, the new 2018 Ecosport is pretty much sporty. The inside comes as a two-colored. You get an impression of an extra space in the front and it also appears wider. However, things could get a bit cramped when it comes to front legroom so this model might prove uncomfortable for the longer-distance rides. Since this SUV generally comes with smaller proportions than the previous models you cannot expect much cargo room although the rear seats can be folded down. There is an instrument cluster and a small digital display that separates tachometer and speedometer. It also offers the infotainment system. Various colors and ambient lighting are optional and can be customized.


It has been said that the 2018 Ford Ecosport will probably come with a 1.0-litre EcoBoost, three-cylinder or a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. The both versions will offer a six-speed automatic transmission. Also, the versions with 2.0-litre engine could get Ford’s intelligent 4WD system as a part of their standard equipment. There isn’t much more information about what this model is hiding under its hood, but if we remember, for instance, what the Focus SE Sedan offered, we can guess that the Ecosport will likely come with about 123 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque.

2018 Ford Ecosport – Image Source: Motor Trend

2018 Ford Ecosport Release Date and Price

Since the new Ford Ecosport comes as a 2018 model, you should not expect its appearance earlier than the first quarter of 2018, but Ford announced it for early 2018. The price still has been a mystery, but it is estimated to start around $19,000 and it could go up to $25,000.

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