2018 Ford F-750 Hybrid – Rumors

This article is based on rumors, and we couldn't verify information in this article

The year 2018 is revealing us the new member of the F-series trucks which has been known as the most selling in the market when it comes to this type of vehicle. The new 2018 F-750 Hybrid will remind us why it is so and appear with some significant upgrades in terms of power train.


When we talk about body design of the new 2018 Ford F-750 Hybrid, we can inform you that like the regular F-750, it will be available in three cab configurations – Regular Cab, Super Cab and Crew Cab. Beside this, it will offer three frame types – straight frame, dock height and tractor model for heavy towing. The new Hybrid will appear stable and robust with a new massive grille with four horizontal bars. You will also notice huge air intakes between the bars of this redesigned grille. In the front fascia, you will as well find a big massive bumper that has been extended in order to prevent the front-end collision damage. This truck will also be equipped with standard massive wheels and LED headlights.


Inside the new 2018 Ford F-750 Hybrid, you will find a simple and comfortable cabin. Since this vehicle is aimed at work and various terrains, you should not hope for any of the latest high-tech options and forms of entertainment. However, the cabin will be furnished with soft-touch materials while the seats and the steering-wheel will be adjustable. So, there will be plenty of room and comfort. The interior of this Hybrid will provide an air-conditioning system, AM/FM stereo, MP3 player, navigation and other standard features necessary for the everyday ride.


Most of the information we have got about the power train are based on rumors and due to comparison with a current model. As its name suggests, the 2018 Ford F-750 Hybrid will use a plug-in hybrid system. Such a system will use a lithium-ion battery pack that will offer either 14.2 kWh or 28.4 kWh. The electric motor of the new F-750 Hybrid will be able to provide up to 50 horsepower of additional power. It will also help the acceleration improvement and the fuel economy. We can say that this type of plug-in hybrid setup will have several benefits. For example, when the truck is stationary, the engine can shut off more frequently. Also, the chassis will be air-conditioned with the turned off engine and the pumps and compressors can be run with the engine off, too. We must mention that this truck will get a traction control and an electronic stability control as a part of their standard equipment.

2018 Ford F-750 Hybrid Release Date and Price

As a 2018 model, the new Ford F-750 Hybrid is probably expected to hit the showrooms this fall or at least in early 2018. The price details have not been confirmed, but we hope that it will not be significantly higher than the standard F-750 model which starts at $70,000.

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