2018 Ford Galaxy MPV Release date, Price

2018 Ford Galaxy

As the fourth generation of the model 2018 Ford Galaxy MPV has undergone many changes and redesigning since 2006 when the first model has been made. Firstly made as the European version of US model, Galaxy had few differences which are noticed only on this model, while many of them remind of its US older brother. However, this time there are many interesting changes to support the manufacturer’s goals to achieve the popular design and performances European buyers like. This model is made on CD4 platform, already seen on other Fords, like Mondeo and 2019 Fusion.
2018 Ford Galaxy


Old buyers of this car will recognize many similarities with the last model on new 2018 Ford Galaxy MPV. Looking from the front it has recognizable trapezoidal gridded grille rounded with thin LED lights and simple air intake below it with small rounded fog lights. The sharp front end is fulfilled with slightly curved hood and long flat front glass. The rear end has almost the same look and design as the previous model, meaning two simple taillights, flat truck and thin spoiler on the top of the trunk door. The other details are the same as on previous models.
2018 Ford Galaxy


It seems that manufacturer has not spent much time on changing the things in the cabin of 2018 Ford Galaxy MPV, according to photos. There is the same designed massive dashboard, made of quality plastic with chromatic details and interesting button layout. In the middle of it is large touchscreen and only needed commands. There will be offered quality fabric and leather in higher trim versions, as well as many devices for passengers’ enjoyment. The best driving experience will obviously get passengers in the second row, thanks to DVD entertainment system and adjustable rear seats. For additional cargo space, there is an option of folding down the seats in the second row.


As the manufacturer offers more than one version of 2018 Ford Galaxy MPV, there will be offered a couple of engine options as well. The base model gets 1.5-liter four-inline EcoBoost model with 160 horsepower while stronger version has 2.0-liter four-inline EcoBoost engine with 180 horsepower. There will be offered a diesel version 2.0-liter four-inline TDCi with 161 horsepower. All engines should be paired with six-speed automatic transmission and have a front wheel drive system. Test driving says that average fuel economy is around 34mpg and goes up to 40mpg with stronger engines.
2018 Ford Galaxy

2018 Ford Galaxy

There are big chances that we will see this vehicle on the roads during this year, thus the starting price of only $40,000 promises many new drivers and owners of this simple and useful car.

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