2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 Review and Design

2018 Ford Galpin GTR1

Whenever if you want to buy 2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 or just to see how it looks like, this review could interest you, especially if you like fast and strong cars with unique design and special modern equipment. This car has everything above, together with special carbon-carbon rotor. In case you do not know what it is, only Formula 1 has the same car part and no one car in the world, including the most expensive ones. The other thing which can be interesting for the future buyers is that it is so rare and unique, that you can see only in exclusive districts and only if you have luck.
2018 Ford Galpin GTR1


Like the 2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 exterior is not so amazing, the designers and engineers have made an effort to put only most expensive materials on it. Starting from the aluminum 22-inch wheels, with special series of Pirelli Zero tires, all on this model is special. The car looks like a fast sports car, low and sharp at the ends, with large air intakes on the hood. To achieve aerodynamic shape, the designers made flat and low rear end, with a small trunk and flat rear lights. The platform used is famous RMR platform, usually used for two door sports car.
2018 Ford Galpin GTR1


The cabin of 2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 is as small and modest as on any other sports car, but with many interesting and modern details. Three colors dominate in there, blue, silver and black. Specially shaped seats have quality blue leather on them, with only needed buttons and commands. This minimalistic design is fulfilled with the small steering wheel and maybe too old fashioned speedometers behind the wheel. It is not expected to be much comfort and wide cabin since it is not a car for long traveling, but as comfort as is needed for fast speed.


As we repeated a couple of times, 2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 is made for fast driving, so the max speed of 225 mph produced in the strong machine with 1024 horsepower is nothing unusual, although impressive. All of these are possible with a 5.2-liter V8 turbocharged engine with 739 pound-feet of torque. The speed of 60 mph this engine reaches for 3 seconds. And no, do not ask for fuel economy, because that number could be so high that nobody will believe in it, but still not important for the future buyers at all!
2018 Ford Galpin GTR1

2018 Ford Galpin GTR1

As the all other information said, 2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 is not a car for everyone. The price of 1 million dollars confirms that. So, if you are prepared to buy one of 20 models manufacturer planned to make, be patient and wait for it, the releasing date should be soon.

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