2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – is it on the way?

Those followers who like Ford as a brand are thrilled after the announcing that new Mustang will be on market, but there are some rumors and clues that we should expect something new, 2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302, too. Although the manufacturer has not said anything about that, there are reasons to believe that not only that they have planned to offers new version of the old model, but they also provided a couple of proves that we should expect a new model from their lines. The reason is a photo of Ford Mustang, where we saw a very interesting shadow behind the front glass as the confirmation of rumors that Ford plans to make Boss 302 again.

A journalist from Fox News noticed on photos that something interesting stands in front of the Ford Mustang, visible from the cabin where photographer made the photo of the Mustang cabin. If we look closely, we will see a part of the car in bushes, very similar to old Mustang Boss 302. That model is not only one of the Mustangs on the market. It has been one of the most popular sports cars during 2013-2014 achieving the success which manufacturer has never repeated again until now. Although Ford confirmed that they will not try with this model again, we have many reasons to believe that they will not just drop an idea to have another successful season. When Ford received a trademark for Boss 302, things were clearer and we are sure that they have planned to continue with production of that model somewhere in the future. Maybe that day is coming very soon?

2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Image Source :Teased by Ford


It is highly expected that 2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302 will have new rear MagneRide suspension as new Mustang, long front end and thin air intakes on the hood. The front end and rear end, including all other details could be modernized and slight changes to provide better shape and look. Engine strength and power are always interesting on cars like Mustang is, but knowing that new Mustang offers stronger engine like in 2018 Ford Shelby gt350 Sport, we expect the same with this model, too.

2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Conclusion

Even though we cannot confirm anything of things we said here, or Fox journalists said in his report, we have many reasons to believe in the story we shared. As the matter of fact, photo shutting is always planned for a long time, so it is hard to believe that some car was simply standing there when they made these photos. The same journalist pointed on the mysterious hose seen in the mirror at the same photo, which looks like snake cobra, assuming that Ford announced making the new Shelby Cobra in years to come. Time will say, and we cannot wait to see if we were right.

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