2018 Ford Mustang Europe

2018 Ford Mustang Europe is practically the same model as its US brother, with only a few changes and surely a big expectation for buyers over the Atlantic sea. Even though Mustang has been a very popular car in the US during decades, people from Ford have hesitated to go in Europe with this model. Things are different now, so Ford has made a new Mustang only for buyers in Europe. As we saw on first photos, there are no much differences in exterior design, as well as the engine should be the same or with only small differences.


The original model has redesigned front and rear end, with new MagneRide suspension and modernized lights as on front as on rear end. There are three thin vertical lines on the each part of the rear end, with simple wide black truck door and visible sign of the manufacturer in the middle. Plastic protection on the bottom of rear end has two exhausts. The front end is a classic grille on a sports car, including thin lights and thin lines as fog lights below them. Rhomboidal mesh grille is decorated with recognizable manufacturer’s logo in the middle.


Although we have no clear information about the cabin of 2018 Ford Mustang Europe, we are sure that manufacturer will not skip all interesting things he built in the US model. That includes 8.0-inches touchscreen with Sync 3 infotainment system, a modern navigation system, sound, and audio system and Wi-Fi connection with Apple Car Application and CD and radio. As on US model there will be offered leathered adjustable seats, at least in higher trims, with modernly designed dashboard and chromatic details together on the black colored cabin.


As the US model has two engine versions, 2018 Ford Mustang Europe will also have two engine options. The smaller one is 2.3-liter V8 while the stronger one is 5.0-liter V8 paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission. However, the strength starts from 310 horsepower and goes to 460 horsepower in strongest version, like in the 2019 Ford Mustang USA for basic version. Old buyers will notice upgrading from the 6-speed automatic transmission and V6 engine on the last model. Fuel economy, speed and increasing time will be known later.

2018 Ford Mustang Europe Conclusion, Release Date and Price

It was expected that Ford will follow the Dodge and offer mid-cycle car class and offer a 2018 Ford Mustang Europe. It was a logical step after the great selling season in 2016, when 150,000 units have been sold in China, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, France, Greece, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic. It is expected to come out in beginning 2018, with the starting price of $40,000 – £32,790.

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