2018 Lincoln Continental – Luxury Full-Size Sedan Class

This model of the car is very popular among specific kind of customers that like it dramatically well design and luxury accessories, and also a very enviable level of engine production. We have proudly introduced to you a new 2018 Lincoln Continental, the latest vehicle from this company. The first appearance was in 1939, and since then it does not stop to surprise buyers all over the world.



This new 2018 Lincoln Continental will be quite an attraction whenever it appears on the street. Its design allows us to put him on the high level of vehicle manufacture. Head lamps are redesigned and improved, and consist of a few LED lamps inside it in a way to make visibility better. The front grille is not so big, and it is totally chromed with big company sign in the middle. Under it, on the bumper, there are very thin designed daylights. The roof is totally transparent, and the side mirrors are in the color of the car, with the turn signal on it on the lower side set on horizontally. Back is also redesigned and it has bigger LED back lamps on the side of the trunk door, and even four exhaust pipes, two for each side of the car. Wheels are from 18-20 inches alloy and live an impression of a serious and safe car.


We can only expect finest and expensive materials in the new 2018 Lincoln Continental, such as leather, wood and the aluminum. New infotainment system, SYNC 3 is going to be specially designed for this vehicle, and it is going to consist of the navigation system or information of restaurant or gas stations. This will all be displayed on the top of dashboard with 8.0 inches touch screen. Seats are going to be covered with specially produced fine leather, and it will be adjustable in the even 30 ways. Heaters and coolers are not going to be reserved only for front seats, but for the back too. Fine detail for comfort is sure the leg pillows, and also a Dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control.


In the car like this, there is also a need for a lot of horse power, and the strong and durable engine. 2018 Lincoln Continental is going to be equipped with one choice as standard, a well-known 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V-6 engine, capable of 305 HP on 6500 RPM, and torque of 280 lb/ft at 4000 RPM. There are also two optional models of the engine, a 2.7-Liter GTDI V-6 engine with 335 HP at 5700 RPM and torque of 380 lb/ft at 3500 RPM, and the 3.0-Liter GTDI V-6 engine with 400 HP at 5500 RPM and torque of 400 lb/ft on 2750 RPM. The power will be on the front and all wheels, except the 3.0 engine which is going to be only on the AWD. Fuel economy is 17 MPG in the city, 24 MPG on the highway and 20 MPG combined for standard 3.7 engine and up to 16/24/19 MPG for the 3.0-liter engine on AWD.

2018 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

There are only rumors about new 2018 Lincoln Continental. Something we know that the released date will be in the mid of 2017, and the base price for this magnificent piece of art will go from $45,925 to $60,900 for the basic model, and upper for max equipped car.

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