2019 Ford C-Max Price and Design

2019 Ford C-Max

2019 Ford C-Max is part of the great plan in Ford to start a series of electric, fuel economic mini-vans, with modern equipment and acceptable price. Aside from the C-Max, there will be offered few similar models, with the same design and almost the same details, but differently powered by a combination of engines. However, do not expect highly modernized exterior, thus manufacturer obviously did not want to invest in too many curves in the already useful vehicle. Made for families and a small group of passengers, this mini-van is a great choice for those who want an only practical car with a comfortable cabin and economic engine.
2019 Ford C-Max


As we said, do not expect greatly designed exterior in 2019 Ford C-Max. It is almost like old-fashioned vans from 50’s, with flat roof and doors and simple front grille. Speaking about the front end, there is large rhomboidal gridded grille, separated with chromatic grids and rounded with chrome. Below them is wide air intake also rounded with chrome and it ends with large fog lights. The upper rear end is crossover-like rounded with also chromatic details and classic thin rear lights. Flat roof ends with a thin spoiler which protects the rear seats from the sun.
2019 Ford C-Max


The inside of 2019 Ford C-Max is also simple and classic, but the manufacturer has put interesting devices and equipment there for a wide range of usage. We used to expect Sync 3 system, which Ford puts in every new car, but this time it includes Sony Music system and High-Definition FM radio. There is special navigation system as well as voice activation. The most interesting for younger buyers could be leathered heated seats, with adjustable function in eight ways and many charging inputs on the dashboard. The dashboard has a large touchscreen with commands and chromatic details to fulfill elegance supported by quality leather.


Although we are not sure which engine will be under the hood of 2019 Ford C-Max, we know that manufacturer planned to decrease fuel consumption to 47 mpg combined driving. After the possible lawsuits in past years because of false EPA numbers in official reviews, Ford had to change the ways of measuring it and started with test driving carefully. However, we expect an electric part in future models, like in 2019 Ford Focus Electric , as well as lower fuel consumption.
2019 Ford C-Max

2019 Ford C-Max

As the base price starts from $31,000, 2019 Ford C-Max belongs to the middle class of these vehicles types. However, we should expect many novelties and improvements in the final version.

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