2019 Ford F-150

2019 Ford F-150

As the current model is not strong enough, 2019 Ford F-150 should be even stronger with the redesigned engine and improved fuel economy. As a magazine Automotive News announced, Ford makes its stronger 7.0-liter engine in their factories in Ontario, investing even $700 million in researching and designing of stronger and faster engine. Most of that money is planned to be used for engine testing, so Ford could make even stronger but greener engine than before. However, this is not new information about this engine as Ford started with these experiments and designing a few years ago. So now we have not only a stronger and bigger engine but many combinations with it, like 10-speed transmission and more engine capacity, which is not seen on Ford’s trucks before.
2019 Ford F-150


As that news about 2019 Ford F-150 is not confirmed yet, we cannot predict design of this model. On the other hand, there are high chances that manufacturer will keep the same design and shape as on the previous model, so main changes should be only in terms of engine strength. However, making the stronger engine always forces the manufacturer to change a chassis and shape of the car, making it more aerodynamic and lightweight. Even though we do not have any confirmation or even a clue, we expect lightweight materials and few changes in terms of design. Those who loved Ford’s aggressiveness and massiveness should not be afraid, as the manufacturer will never leave the recognizable design and shape which made this car popular among the buyers.
2019 Ford F-150


So, as we said, the planned engine in 2019 Ford F-150 should be a strong 7.0-liter V8 Direct Injection in combination with a 10-speed transmission. That is all we know so far about this engine, including unknown information about the strength and torque. As the current model has more than 510 pound-feet of torque in 3.5-liter V6 unit, that number could be extremely high. Ford tried to make that strong engine already, with a 6.8-liter V8 petrol engine in the Platinum trim version of F-150, but this time we can get even stronger engine than Ford ever had, thare are few rumors for new 2019 Ford F-150 Hybrid .
2019 Ford F-150

2019 Ford F-150

As this information is not officially confirmed yet, we had some kind of confirmation of vice president at Auto Forecast Solutions, Brian Maxim, who said in a telephone interview for AutoNews that they have planned to produce 7.0-liter engine as much more efficient than older ones. So, we can only wait to see how this idea will become true in years to come.

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