2019 Ford F-450 Super Duty

The market of pickup trucks has always been known for its best-selling models, especially when it comes to Ford brand. The good news is that Ford has been preparing several redesigned models for the year 2019. One of them will be the new F-450 which will also be available as the part of a limited series of trucks known as 2019 Ford F-450 Super Duty Limited and it will definitely not be cheap.


According to the information we have got, the 2019 Ford F-450 will be the largest and the most expensive truck when it comes to Ford’s F-series. When we talk about the exterior of this next-generation powerful Super Duty truck, we can say that you should expect it to be tall and heavy. It will be large in sizes and capable of towing 15 tons. With its upgraded body and features, the new F-450 will definitely belong to luxurious work trucks. The most distinctive change has probably happened in the front fascia. You will notice its boxy shape and aggressive design, but also some sophisticated and luxurious features such as two-bar chrome grille. It has also been known as a ‘satin-chrome’ grille. This truck will also get a new set of headlights and taillights with quad-beam LED lamps, at least in higher trims. It will also be easier to step into a tall truck like this.


The interior of the new 2019 Ford F-450 will not let you down. In fact, it will offer you a modern and luxurious cabin with lots of upgraded features and best-quality materials. The seats will be covered in two-tone leather and offer options such as heating, cooling and massage. The steering wheel will also be covered in premium-stitched leather. Besides leather, the new F-450 will use the real wood to cover the trim and other details. Technological features will follow the trends of the next-generation trucks. For instance, you will get a premium audio system with 10 speakers and a big panoramic moon roof. When it comes to safety systems and driver assist features, you can expect active cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic lane-keeping alert and many more.


It has been said that the 2019 Ford F-450 Super Duty will get a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel V8 under its hood, similar to 2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty. Such an engine, found in the current model, has been able to deliver 440 horsepower and 925 pound-feet of torque. It will probably be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, but it has been speculated that it could also get a brand-new ten-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Ford F-450 Super Duty Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2019 F-450 has not been confirmed yet. When it comes to price details, you can afford the cheapest base model for $32,000. However, if you want more options or the F-450 Super Duty Limited, you should be ready to pay up to $100,000.

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