2019 Ford F-650

The USA market of trucks should seriously brag about its next generation of models planned for the upcoming 2019. Once again, Ford will show why it has been the best-selling brand in America with its F-series of trucks. The fans have been keenly anticipating the new 2019 Ford F-650 which will simply satisfy all the lovers of real ‘monster’ trucks.


The 2019 Ford F-650 will hit the market as a powerful-looking medium-duty truck with excellent performance. It will represent a real beast, being 8 meters long and 3 meters high. Robust and a bit aggressive, the new F-650 will still acquire some luxurious and elegant features. For instance, in the front fascia, the first thing that will definitely catch your attention will be a huge newly-designed mesh grille. The grille will be made of alloy of aluminum and silicon and it will improve cooling and total performance of this truck. Also, you will simply love the redesigned chrome-framed headlights with their dual-beam reflector halogen lamps. We have been informed that the new F-650 will be standing on standard 19.5-inch wheels, but they can go up to 22.5-inch for higher trims. Looking at the side profile, you will notice the Power Scope trailer tow mirrors that will significantly help the driver during the towing activity. It has been said that this model will be available in three versions – straight frame, dock height and a tractor model for heavy towing, but also in three cab styles – regular cab, super cab and crew cab.


The interior of the 2019 Ford F-650 will offer a spacious and comfortable cabin. When it comes to materials, it will combine vinyl and cloth, but also leather and natural wood in higher trims. The driver will get a redesigned steering wheel with lots of commands on it that can be easily used, without taking the eyes off the road. Also, there will be a center console with a touch screen and the latest infotainment system. It will include options such as radio, audio system, climate control, Wi-Fi connectivity and a rear view camera. Safety systems and driver assist features will be provided as well.


The fans have been mostly wondering what kind of powerful engine the 2019 Ford F-650 will hide under its hood. Well, this model will be offered with both gasoline and diesel options. One of the possible versions when it comes to trucks and tractors could come with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel V8 and a range of 270-330 horsepower and 675-725 pound-feet of torque. When we talk about the trucks only, there has been a word that they would use a 6.8-liter V10 petrol engine that delivers 330 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. Both engines should be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, you can expect similar in 2019 Ford F-750.

2019 Ford F-650 Release Date and Price

The 2019 Ford F-650 should be expected to make its debut sometime in 2018. The estimated price range is $56,000 – $67,000, depending on the trim you choose.

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