2019 Ford Galpin GTR1

2019 Ford Galpin GTR1

When the first 2019 Ford Galpin GTR1 was introduced in Los Angeles Auto Show 2013, people were surprised how the old and very popular sporty car became so attractive under the new materials and design. In case that you forgot, first Galpin made a designer Frank Galpin 1946 and since then this car does not stop to thrill and amaze people. However, a group of designers grouped under the name “Pimp my ride” as the famous TV show has been showed on MTV, tried to modernize this car, so we were not surprised when Ford decided to make a real car using old details.
2019 Ford Galpin GTR1


2019 Ford Galpin GTR1 is almost the same as old versions but made of modern and lightweight materials, mostly of carbon fiber and aluminum. It has a recognizable sharp front end, lowered and thin with modernly designed front lights and wide air intake in the middle of it. Lowered hood has a wide air intake in the middle, while parts above the wheels are higher than the hood. The rear end is shorter and has a spoiler on the truck door, together with modernly designed rear lights. The roof is sloped and low.
2019 Ford Galpin GTR1


Even though we usually do not expect highly designed and equipped cabin in cars like 2019 Ford Galpin GTR1, since it has more investments in exterior design, there are few things worthy of mention. Besides very attractive radiant blue-colored all-natural leather on the seats, dashboard and steering wheel, there is the perfectly shaped cabin for two, with many interesting devices. The most important part that Ford put McIntosh sound system, very popular among younger.


Being a sporty car before all, 2019 Ford Galpin GTR1 surely attracts attention with its engine performances. In this model manufacturer chosen 5.4-liter V8 turbocharged engine with 1,024 horsepower and 739 pound-feet of torque. Yes, it sounds amazing, but also very attractive to fast speed lovers. If the driver takes 100-octane petrol engine this strength boosts to amazingly 1,197 horsepower and 887 pound-feet of torque. Speaking about the speed, it increases the speed to 60 mph for only 3 seconds. The transmission will be different on customers’ demands.
2019 Ford Galpin GTR1

2019 Ford Galpin GTR1 Release Date and Price

As 2019 Ford Galpin GTR1 has almost museum value, we should not be surprised with the price of even $1,000,000 for the base model, since the manufacturer has made only 6 models and 18 versions of it. However, those who liked it and prepared money could buy it at the beginning of the next year.

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