2019 Ford GT

The fans of high-performance sports cars, that are also willing to pay a larger amount for their powerful and attractive machine, should know that the new GT is going to hit the market as a 2019 Ford GT model. This model will also belong to a limited-edition.


The exterior of the 2019 Ford GT will definitely promise some great speed and adrenaline on the roads. It will be one of the most expensive models in the market, but there are many reasons for that. The next-generation GT will combine lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum to build its construction. Such a lightweight body could only have numerous benefits and significantly improve the overall performance. It will also enhance its adjustable suspension and get active-aero elements. When it comes to exterior features of the new GT, we must say that most of them will remain the same, but the overall design of this model will certainly be meaner, curvier and more aggressive. Some would even say that this is a real futuristic car with unique body styling. You will also notice that it will be much more aerodynamic.


With a stunning exterior like this, the fans would probably expect a similar cabin inside the 2019 Ford GT. Unfortunately, you should lower your standards because the interior of the new GT will not be so innovative and breathtaking, but it will not disappoint you either. The driver will find a rather basic instrument cluster with a simple infotainment system. Nothing impressive will actually happen around here. The commands and controls will be easy to use. When it comes to improvements, the new GT might employ some better-quality materials, but as far as we have been informed that will not be natural leather. The cabin of this model is also expected to come with more comfortable seats and better visibility. We hope for more information soon, but we also hope that the new GT will still include the necessary next-generation features and connectivity options as well as safety systems and driver assist features.


The fans have probably been dying to hear what type of powerful engine the 2019 Ford GT will be hiding under its curvy hood. According to the information our team has got, it will be a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that will be able to deliver 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. It should be mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

2019 Ford GT Release Date and Price

The new Ford GT is going to appear as a 2019 model, but it is too early to talk about the release date that has not been announced yet. This model will be available in 1000 units only and it will cost more than $450,000.

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