2019 Ford Kuga

2019 Ford Kuga

Even though the previous model has still not really rolled on the roads, there is new 2019 Ford Kuga to have what to think of. Since Kuga has always been a synonym for elegance and luxury that is not usually seen among trucks, we have not many things to expect of this new model to be changed from the last version. However, there are few novelties that old buyers will recognize and accept, together with all those popular details before. According to these, we can say that Kuga is still a car for those who do not want only a truck but something to be proud of.
2019 Ford Kuga


There are few changes in new 2019 Ford Kuga from the last model, but besides that, there are many recognizable details in this model which we saw before. There is the same massive front end with gridded chromatic grille and large LED front lights on the sides of the front bumper. Below them is also wide mesh air intake and fog lights. The rear end is rounded with many curved lines and decorations and irregularly shaped rear lights. Outspread bottom of the rear end has metallic protection below the bumper.
2019 Ford Kuga


The interior of 2019 Ford Kuga is as attractive as exterior look. Made of high-quality leather (or fabric with lower trims) it has the perfect design and shape with many modern details. In the center cluster is large touchscreen highly positioned to be reachable during driving with perfect buttons layout and good positioned air vents and commands. Seats are comfortable and adjustable for every type of users.


Not only that 2019 Ford Kuga has special strong engines under the hood, but those are presented as high-cost savers among trucks. A first engine option is 1.5-liter turbo-compressor, while the second one is 2.0-liter diesel gas powertrain. Both showed great fuel consumption on test driving, but also high driving features. As the manufacturer promised, we should expect another version, 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine with great fuel economy, used on Ford Focus 2019, and 2019 Escape. All engines have perfect behavior on rough terrain and hills.
2019 Ford Kuga

2019 Ford Kuga

As everything on 2019 Ford Kuga is special, the time and place for revealing are different from everything we used to see. The manufacturer announced that at beginning of 2018 (maybe that will be a New Year’s Eve) in German new Kuga will be shown to the buyers. With the price of only $22,000 for the base model, it is great and attractive small truck, with favorable price and shopping conditions.

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