2019 Ford Taurus

2019 Ford Taurus

As this model has been very popular in past, to be precise, more than three decades, 2019 Ford Taurus expects good selling season. However, there is a rumor that this could be the last in class, so those who loved this model should be prepared for that. Even though the manufacturer will remain this model in the Chinese market, it will be removed from all other markets. If that is true, this could be the end of the era of this great model. The manufacturer has prepared great things, but maybe some of them will be changed in the final version.
2019 Ford Taurus


2019 Ford Taurus adopted the size from the Chinese model, so it should be shorter and lower, but also wider, which enlarges the space inside of the cabin. Together with a new engine and more horsepower there, it will be as efficient as the old model. There were some changes to follow legislation present in the US that is different from China. However, this car looks like 2019 Mustang and Lincoln, with similarities with 2019 Ford Focus, too. That includes massive and large gridded front grille with thin front lights and flat hood. The trunk door is sedan-like simple with modernized rear lights.
2019 Ford Taurus


The design of this large and roomy cabin could be similar to the cabin we found in Lincoln Continental. That includes large digital center cluster, with a large touchscreen and great buttons layout below it. There are also details and commands taken from all other Fords models, but there are still no confirmations from the Ford which of them will be actually in this model.


We are sure that 2019 Ford Taurus of China gets 2.0-liter four-cylinder or 2.7-liter V6 twin-turbo petrol engine, so there are no reasons that US version do not get the same engine under the hood. There are also predictions that new Taurus could get 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, with better features. Whatever the engine is, it should be paired with the nine-speed automatic transmission. The base model will be driven on front wheels, while there should be trims with the all-wheel driving system, too.
2019 Ford Taurus


When old Taurus has been highly popular, they had more than 300,000 units sold, but as the last season was not so great, they had only 50,000 sold last year. 2019 Ford Taurus should change it, so the manufacturer expects good selling season. As the matter of fact, the manufacturer will make this model for China, as US buyers will be able to buy an electric version of this model.

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