2019 Lincoln Navigator Review and Price

2019 Lincoln Navigator

New 2019 Lincoln Navigator will be revealed next year, but it already attracts high interest and expectation of faithful fans. The reason is changing the engine and boosting of strength and driving performances, with needed changing in exterior design to support new engine. That includes wider and much prettier front grille, made in Lincoln factory on new designers resolutions, so everybody will actually be satisfied – those who love attractively and elegance of Lincoln cars and those who are much more interested in speed and driving performances. There are some other details that support new design, like new headlights and bumpers.
2019 Lincoln Navigator


Design of Lincoln cars has never been questionable, but this time it is specially combined to be attractive and practical, especially when we know that 2019 Lincoln Navigator has a new engine. The front end has new gridded rhomboidal grille rounded with chrome line, with large, redesigned LED front lights and thin fog lights on the sides of thin air intake placed on the bottom of the front grille. The rear end is larger and covered with dark glass, while the truck door has a special wide line all over the truck door instead of classical rear lights.
2019 Lincoln Navigator


Aside from the luxury in the cabin, 2019 Lincoln Navigator has a specially designed cabin to fulfill all buyers’ demands and wishes. The Large and wide dashboard has 4.2-inch screen together with 8-inch touchscreen both placed in the middle of the dashboard, while there are special navigator, voice control, and a rearview camera. The seats are perfectly soft and comfortable for every driver.


Now, let’s say something about the most important change in new 2019 Lincoln Navigator, the engine. It is 3.5-liter six-cylinder double-charging direct fuel petrol engine, with 370 horsepower of strength. The second option is 5.4-liter petrol engine with 310 horsepower. Paired with the six-speed automatic transmission it is able to pull 6 tones of weight, and thanks to the all-wheel driving system (together with the rear one) it is capable of driving on any terrain. It is good to say that Navigator has special Drive Control System which allows changing of the suspension height during driving and adapting to different types of the road.
2019 Lincoln Navigator

2019 Lincoln Navigator

New 2019 Lincoln Navigator will be revealed on next Detroit Auto Show which will be held in February, but before that be prepared for slightly higher price than before, perhaps more than $70,000. Besides many novelties, new Navigator will surely be interesting to people who expect strong engine.

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