2020 Ford Escape

2020 Ford Escape

As the competitors changed their large vehicles in past few years and plan to change, even more, 2020 Ford Escape comes as redesigned and visibly changed model. There is for sure that they will change Ford Kuga for the European market, but Escape will be a brand new compact crossover for buyers in the US. We were able to see a test mule, protected with camouflage, but as we saw by now are very attractive.


2020 Ford Escape front
There are no clues about changing in the platform that will be used for the 2020 Ford Escape, but we are sure that the fourth-generation of the model will be on the changed body design. As we saw on spy photos, it has wider and higher hood and a slightly shorter front end, but it is not possible to see changes in design. We expect a longer and wider platform, but smoother for easier driving and controlling. The platform should be more rigid, so the car is heavier for fast driving.


2020 Ford Escape interior
The last model had a great interior design, making the small and compact model more attractive and comfortable, so we believe that the manufacturer will change in 2020 Ford Escape only needed things in that way. That includes maybe new devices and technology inside and slightly redesigned dashboard. There are no reasons to change things too much since the buyers have been satisfied before.


The manufacturer has not said the engine that will be put under the hood of 2020 Ford Escape. However, as the manufacturer has not said much about that, we believe that it could be the same as before. It is four-in-line turbocharged (2.5-liter) front-wheel driven petrol engine, matched with an eight-speed automatic transmission with the optional all-wheel driving system. Since the manufacturer has been known to hybrid versions of their models, it is expected that new Escape could be made as before. That means hybrid and plug-in hybrid as it is used on Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang.
2020 Ford Escape auto show

2020 Ford Escape Release Date and Price

It is too early to tell when 2020 Ford Escape will be on the market. It is expected that the manufacturer will not be able to finalize it before the end of 2019. The factory where it will be made in Louisville, Kentucky the same where current model is made. The most important is that Escape should be a major compact model for the future, along with Ford Focus Active, and surely one of the most important redesigned model that Ford is made. The price is not even assumed, so to remember, the last year model has the price of $25,000 for the base model. This time it could be higher.

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