2020 Ford Everest

2020 Ford Everest

2020 Ford Everest is another model that Ford is planning to change for the future years, but following changes that they already made or planned to make in other models in the range. The main similarity Everest should have with Ford Ranger and Ford Raptor, mostly in design, but there are similarities between the engine and cabin design. The reason for changing is mostly because the market demands strong vehicles in SUV and crossover range, and buyers are not always interested in buying large trucks and pick-ups for the job.


2020 Ford Everest front
The main similarity 2020 Ford Everest has with Raptor, but there are many details taken from other models in Ford. It should be as sporty as Ford Edge ST, but large and strong as Ford F-150. On the other hand, its design and recognizable curved lines are almost the same as on Ford Ranger. The wide front end has rhomboidal mesh grille and metallic bottom as a protection, with large LED front lights. Short and wide curved hood presumes the strength and stability of the car. The front end also has hooks and helpers for a heavy load. The rear end actually made the major problems to the designers, since they had to change suspension that is used on F-150 and adjust the model to SUV design.


2020 Ford Everest interior
The cabin should not be much changed from the last model in 2020 Ford Everest. There should be changed seats to be sportier, as the cabin is a classical double-cab model. The steering wheel gets new shift paddle and slightly changed design. The cabin is made of dark grey leather, stitched with contrasting blue stitch work.


If we compare 2020 Ford Everest with other models from the same manufacturer, the engine could be 2.0-liter twin-turbocharged with at least 150 horsepower. However, the manufacturer aims to make a stronger engine with more torque than before and higher towing capacity, so expect changes in that field, too. On the other hand, the manufacturer has changed the chassis to be stronger, which slows down the engine, so future buyers should choose between the strength of the engine and its speed. Official information announced 3.2-liter petrol engine with 150 horsepower of strength.
2020 Ford Everest back

2020 Ford Everest Release Date and Price

Even though 2020 Ford Everest should be finished during this year, its revealing is not expected before 2019, when all things should be defined. The price is not known yet but remembers that the current model cost around $82,000 so the new price should be in the same range. There are also rumors that new Everest could get the 3.5-liter V6 engine as other Ford models, but the manufacturer has not precisely confirmed anything.

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