2020 Ford F-650

2020 Ford F-650

There are no reasons that manufacturer exclude 2020 Ford F-650 from the main change that this series has undergone this year. Since the F-150 was changed last year, the whole series had to be adapted to it. When it comes to the F-650, it had changes in exterior and interior design, with the same engine and possible new transmission.


2020 Ford F-650 specs

As we said, the main change in 2020 Ford F-650 is in term of the design of the truck, so this time it is more attractive and interesting to the buyers. The front end has undergone a major redesign, with extremely large mesh grille rounded in chrome and large logo in the middle. Aside from it are two large squared front lights and wide bottom below them. The front end is sharpened and thinner than the middle of the truck, for aerodynamic. The wheels have chubby additions on the chassis and curved lines above them.


2020 Ford F-650 interior

The cabin has not been showed during the test period, so 2020 Ford F-650 interior is still unknown for us. However, the manufacturer has not said much about changes in design, and we are sure that they will remain the same large comfortable seats as before. There are chances that the manufacturer will change the cabin in order to make it more attractive and modern, instead of the current flat and simple, with ordinary details. However, higher trims were made of a combination of leather and wood with details in chrome, so it could be found in this version, too. As we found out, the manufacturer will put an improved safety system, collision control, and air flow luggage.


There are no expected changes in the engine of the 2020 Ford F-650. If our predictions are true, it should remain 6.7-liter V8 petrol model that produces amazing 400 horsepower of strength and 860 pound-feet of torque. It seems that the manufacturer has not changed the transmission of the engine either, so it remains six-speed automatic transmission as before. However, since other models in F-series get ten-speed automatic transmission this year, it could happen in this truck, at least in higher trims.

2020 Ford F-650 review

2020 Ford F-650 Release Date and Price

The clear releasing date has not been shared yet, but 2020 Ford F-650 should be released in late 2019. According to some rumors, it could even wait to the beginning of 2020 if some problems appear. However, the price of the truck should be higher than $78,000, which was the price of the last year model. Be prepared for largeness and strength under the modern and attractive truck.

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