2020 Ford Focus Electric

2020 Ford Focus Electric

If you are familiar with the “Blue Oval” company, you probably know for the plan of its management to launch more than 40 electrified vehicles in the next four years. This plan includes many all-electric vehicles as well. The new electric SUV has been confirmed already and the latest rumors also suggest a compact car, under a familiar name, 2020 Ford Focus Electric. The original version of this model wasn’t that successful and expect from the company to put things on the right place this time. This model should be one of the first EVs to arrive, probably in a year or two.


  • Extremely long range
  • More spacious cabin than before
  • Lots of latest tech features


  • Potentially high price
  • Tough competitors
  • Still waits for the official confirmation


2020 Ford Focus Electric side

Although this model still waits for the official confirmation, many reports suggest that the new compact EV is a certain thing. The new Mach 1 all-electric SUV is about to come first and this one should arrive soon after. At this point, we still don’t know will the 2020 Ford Focus Electric be built as an electric vehicle on purpose or the conventional Focus will serve as the basis. Moreover, even the “Focus” in its name is questionable at this point, considering that the original version was pretty much a disaster.


2020 Ford Focus Electric interior

The original Focus Electric had so many weak points and the interior was among the weakest ones. At the time when this model arrived, in 2011, battery packs were still quite large. If we consider that the original model wasn’t an EV on purpose, you may presume how much space was sacrificed. Cramped rear seats and small cargo area were unavoidable. The overall interior quality wasn’t spectacular either. Considering all these drawbacks, we are pretty sure that the company will put great attention on cabin design this time and that the new 2020 Ford Focus Electric will be far more practical.

2020 Ford Electric Engine

This is the aspect in which we expect the 2020 Ford Focus Electric to improve most. The original model featured quite a decent amount of power, around 140 hp. However, a range of only 76 miles wasn’t competitive even at that time. A mid-cycle update had brought a longer 115-mile range but even these number are far below today’s standard. According to the latest reports, Ford has high ambitions with this one. So high that most reports suggest a max range between 250 and 300 miles. On the other side, we don’t expect some spectacular performances. The new model will focus on practicality, so expect a max output somewhere around 150 horsepower.

2020 Ford Focus Electric review

2020 Ford Focus Electric Release Date and Price

It seems too early to speculate about these details. The new model is still a couple of years away from us. When it comes to the price, expect something like $30,000 / $35,000 for base models.

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