2020 Ford Galpin GTR1

2020 Ford Galpin GTR1

2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 lives its long life started in 1949 by constructor and designer Frank Galpin. The model we still have the opportunity to see on the streets is firstly showed in 2013 on LA Auto Show. Not only that it attracted attention on that days, but also showed that this model takes the best place on the list of sporty cars. As far we know, the manufacturer has not announced the possible redesign of the model.


  • The model is modernly designed.
  • The engine should be the fastest in the class.


  • We are not sure in the design of the cabin.
  • There is no clear information about the engine.


2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 side

We used on thin and small sporty cars, lowered and curved for better stability, so 2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 does not bring much new in that field. There is the unexpectedly wide front end, not usual for an aerodynamical sporty car, but with wide air intake on the bottom. The rear end is sporty curved, with a spoiler on the trunk door.


2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 interior

2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 remains the same sporty two-row model that could be used for only sporty fast driving. Do not expect much space for the legs and comfort in this model. However, that does not mean that Galpin is not comfortable for driver and passenger. It has great soft thin light blue leather on the seats, supported by other parts in the cabin in light blue. There is a small and thin dashboard, designed to follow the shape of the car, with only a few important commands on it. The manufacturer has not said which equipment will be found in this cabin so far.


There is no clearly shared information about the engine that will be used inside of 2020 Ford Galpin GTR1. It is for sure that it will be strong and massive to produce the energy that is needed for a supercar that it should be. Do not forget that the main competitor from this manufacturer, Ford GT has 3.5-liter V6 Eco Boost engine that produces amazing 647 horsepower of strength. Unfortunately, we were not being able to say much about this engine and its performances so far.

2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 front

2020 Ford Galpin GTR1 Release Date and Price

If you have read already about the 2020 Ford Galpin GTR1, you may have seen how much it will cost. The price of the new Galpin should be around $1,000,000. Yes, you read well, it has six zeros! However, this is not a car that everybody should have. According to the manufacturer, it should be only a museum piece, and only for truly commitment fans. The manufacturer also announced that they will make six variations and even 18 versions of it. So, prepare your wallet for wishes and combinations you may have!

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