2020 Ford GT

2020 Ford GT

2020 Ford GT is a continuation of the not much famous sports model that exist from 2004 when the manufacturer made it as an answer to sports cars that made Ferrari and Le Mans. Even though the manufacturer ended with production in 2006, claiming that the price is too high for the average buyer, they continued with production in 2015. The version we are able to see now got a smaller option for lower price called GTS that includes slightly different features but for an acceptable price.


2020 Ford GT review

Being a sports supercar, 2020 Ford GT is extremely wide and low, with a large mesh grille and thin lights on the sides, incorporated in hood line. Thanks to the low roof and also wide rear end, GT looks like every average supercar, but with unique details on the sides and bumpers. The cooling of the engine is provided by air vents that are placed on the sides of the front bumper and behind the doors. The rear end is short and chubby, as on sports cars.


2020 Ford GT interior

The cabin in 2020 Ford GT has a surprisingly simple two-seat design, with carbon fiber dashboard designed as modern and flat working space with digital pieces and commands. The dashboard is very attractive and sharp with this line in the middle. The steering wheel has impressive shape, with flat sizes and additional buttons on it. The seats are very attractive, covered with thick fabric and leather, while the manufacturer upgraded a pilot driver for literally driver’s enjoyment.


2020 Ford GT should have the same engine as the current model and that is 3.5-liter V6 Eco Boost petrol unit that produces amazing 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. Matched with seven-speed Power Shift Dual Clutch transmission it is driven on rear wheels for even more speed. Speaking about the speed, GT increases the speed of 60 mph for 2.9 seconds. There is an optional engine along with this one, 2.3-liter Eco Boost that Ford used in Mustang and Ford Focus RS, and which will be offered in GTS model as well. The strength of the engine is 400 horsepower.

2020 Ford GT doors

2020 Ford GT Release Date and Price

2020 Ford GT will have the very high price of at least $450,000 which could be much higher than other cars in class offers, but let’s say that this car is much different from the other sports cars in the class. However, the manufacturer offers a similar, smaller and cheaper version called GTS, which has the same features, maybe smaller cabin, and simpler design, but for the price of $100,000. Competitors are Porsche 911 and Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Ford is actually the only manufacturer that offers a more favorable model along with the highly popular and strong GT one.

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