2020 Ford Interceptor

2020 Ford Interceptor

With over seven decades of experience in supplying law enforcement services, Ford is considered as one of the leaders in this segment. Besides classic, sedan-based vehicles, there is also a utility interceptor in the offer. It is based on the company’s popular crossover Explorer. Considering that this model is about to come redesigned next year, count on changes in interceptor department as well. The new version is about to come with some significant changes, according to the latest reports. Besides the new design, count on a hybrid powertrain as well.


  • New Design
  • Powerful but yet efficient powertrain
  • Lots of new technologies


  • Won’t come until late 2019


2020 Ford Interceptor side

In this aspect, there is no place for surprises. The 2020 Ford Interceptor will come based on the new-generation Explorer. The new platform will bring all the benefits from the standard model, making this vehicle more capable of doing what it has to do. Of course, count on new aesthetics as well. Basically, we will see the same shape, in a different, police suit. This means familiar color schemes, additional chassis reinforcements, new bumpers and much more.

2020 Ford Interceptor Interior

Of course, the cabin 2020 Ford Interceptor will be completely adapted to its main purpose. While the overall layout is going to look familiar, the company will also introduce some brand-new technologies. Some of them are hands-free Bluetooth and Police Perimeter Alert. The latter one is particularly interesting. It is an advanced surveillance system which comes with lots of sensors that are providing a 270-degree monitoring of outside vehicles and analyzes potential threats. Finally, there is another interesting feature, a rearview camera that works on demand, not just when you shift to reverse.

2020 Ford Interceptor review


All above-mentioned systems are great, but the most important novelty for the 2020 Ford Interceptor will be under the hood. The initial version featured a 3.7-liter V6 that delivers around 305 horsepower. Later, the company offered a modern 3.5-liter EcoBoost with over 350 horsepower. Still, both engines have the same issues, fuel economy. Therefore, Ford has developed a new powertrain, specially designed for this purpose. At the moment, the exact specs are still unavailable, but the company claims 40% better fuel economy compared to a 3.7-liter V6. Moreover, officials also claim the fastest acceleration ratings so far, which indicates even more power than the EcoBoost unit delivers. Though we haven’t heard anything specific from the officials, the new system will probably be built over some EcoBoost V6, probably over a new 2.7-liter unit.

2020 Ford Interceptor model

2020 Ford Interceptor Release Date

We expect 2020 Ford Interceptor to wait for the launch of standard Explorer first and to hit the road soon after. This means that the new version could eventually come late in the next year.

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