2020 Ford Mustang Europe

2020 Ford Mustang Europe

Ford plans to change their course in the future, and 2020 Ford Mustang Europe is one of that change. As they said, they watched very big markets in Europe and China, along with North America and realized that the future in the car industry is electric cars. However, they decided to make something that looks impossible, to produce one of their best sold sporty cars, traditionally named for sports car fans with the electric or hybrid engine. As they said, it should be a combination of hereditary and the future.


2020 Ford Mustang Europe side

We are not sure how the new 2020 Ford Mustang Europe will look like, but we expect significant similarities with the current model. It is hard to believe that Mustang will lose recognizable rhomboidal mesh grille and sporty short rear end, so it is most likely that design will not be much changed, or it is better to say, it will be just a bit more futuristic.


2020 Ford Mustang Europe interior

Even though this is not much important, the cabin in 2020 Ford Mustang Europe should not be much changed from the last model. It should provide the same comfort in combination with the sportiness and modernity, and surely great equipment for the sports class. However, the manufacturer has not said much about that yet.


The most attractive and interesting thing in 2020 Ford Mustang Europe will surely be its engine. As we said, it is hard to believe in the electric engine in a sports car, but on the other hand, why not? We know that last year model had extremely efficient and fast Eco Boost engine, pairing with the electric motor could provide much more energy and save time. They promised that they have considered V8 engine as a base for this combination. On the other hand, the manufacturer has not ruled out of the possibility that they could make an all-electric Mustang in years to come. It is a future of the car industry, and Ford has recognized it as the opportunity to remain the same fans and buyers and attract environment savers.

2020 Ford Mustang Europe review

2020 Ford Mustang Europe Release Date and Price

We are sure that you are surprised as we were with this news but do not forget that it is only a rumor and not clearly confirmed information from the manufacturer. Still, we have reasons to believe that 2020 Ford Mustang as the electric car is true since the manufacturer already announced the production of first electric Mustang SUV, called Ford Mach 1. When it comes to the price, Ford Mustang had the price of $25,000 last year, while the price of the version with the Eco Boost engine and soft-to goes to $30,000. The highest price of the Mustang was $45,000 and that was for the version Ford Mustang Bullet. We cannot be sure if those numbers are a reality of the new hybrid strong and fast model, so expect higher numbers for it.

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