2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid

2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid

2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid comes as greatly designed SUV that brings refreshment after wide, strong and sharp large vehicles that we used to see on the road. There are no many changes from the last model, as well as in the engine type.


  • The model is modernly and simply designed.
  • The engine is acceptably efficient and economical.


  • The design is a little old-fashioned.
  • We are not sure in equipment in the cabin.


2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid view

2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid supports the design of the small SUVs but it is still larger than Ford Escape, for example. Looking from the outside, it surely has sharpened lines and wider and robust, almost aggressive front end. However, the front end has a recognizable trapezoidal gridded grille, framed with chrome and supported by, a little old-fashioned, thin and narrowed front lights. The rear end looks like the cars from the ’90s, with simple and only slightly rounded trunk door. However, do not be fooled by that, it has modernly designed lights and elegant chromatic frame around windows and doors.


2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid interior

There are no many changes in the cabin of 2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid from the last model. It should be the same elegantly designed space, with wide dashboard and quality materials used for it. However, it seems that the manufacturer invested a lot of time and money in designing the entertainment section, so the model has a large touchscreen with optional games that passengers can play when traveling. Among other performances are things like great space in the back row and upgraded infotainment system.


It is highly expected that 2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid does not run on different engines that are used in previous models. It worth for the hybrid model, too. Speaking about the hybrid version, it should be 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder petrol model combined with the lithium-ion battery pack. Not only that this engine is used on this SUV, but it is also most likely on other crossovers and SUVs on the market. However, this engine is capable of driving 39 miles per gallon which is more than acceptable for this size of the car. It should come with six-speed automatic transmission and combined with the all-wheel driving system. It is also expected that the engine could produce 148 horsepower of strength or slightly more than that, according to the petrol engine version of the model.

2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid rear

2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid Release Date and Price

We are sure that there are no many surprises with the 2020 Ford S-Max Hybrid, so the final releasing date should not bring many new moments. The price is also close to the old model’s price, meaning $30,000 and more. However, expect the model to be on the market as soon as possible, so 2019 starts with the great new model in the line.

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