2020 Lincoln Continental

2020 Lincoln Continental

Even though the 2020 Lincoln Continental sounds like a great continuation of the model that market last few seasons, it seems that it will not be on the market at all. As the journalist in Jalopnik announced, it will be replaced with other luxury sedans that Lincoln produces. The reason is a very low number of units that were sold. It sounds weird since they also said that they sold more than 90% of planned production during summer. On the other hand, Continental has never been above the classic models in the class, so we cannot expect very successful selling seasons in years to come.


  • The model is very luxury and elegant.
  • There is a great cabin inside.


  • It is hard for driving and handling.
  • The engine is unnecessarily strong for a luxury sedan.


2020 Lincoln Continental side

When last year model showed up, the main change from the old models was “suicide doors” in a limited version of it. Those are doors that you could see in old movies when old cars had rear doors that open in the middle of the car. It was great for ladies, so they could protect legs when entering in the door and cover them with a skirt. It is not known if 2020 Lincoln Continental could have another round of these doors since they were very attractive among buyers before. However, expect similarities with the Lincoln MKZ, and it could be the only model that manufacturer will retain in the future.


2020 Lincoln Continental interior

The cabin in 2020 Lincoln Continental should be as luxury as comfortable as before. It was always wide and roomy for passengers.


The engine in the current model is 3.0-liter V6 petrol unit that produces 400 horsepower of strength. This engine came paired with six-speed automatic transmission and buyers were able to choose between front and all-wheel driving system. However, the model is very large and, in some ways, hard for handling, so it is not made to be driven in the city and for speed. The engine is also very strong and large for a sedan, so efficiency and economy have always been questionable in this model. If the manufacturer decides to continue with Continental, it should be with a lighter engine.

2020 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

So, if our expectations are true, 2020 Lincoln Continental actually will not exist. On the other hand, if we are wrong, it should be almost the same as the current model. It means the same price as before, $46,000 for the base model. The manufacturer is skeptical with the possible continuation of this model since they had dropped in the selling of luxury sedans in the past few years. On the other hand, they have already turned to produce of SUVs and crossovers. Time will say if we are wrong, but as we have concerned, there are very low chances that new Continental will show up in years to come.

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