2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV

2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV

When the first version of 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV was showed on the New York Auto Show in March, people recognized similarities with the Lincoln MKC. As the matter of fact, it should be a replacement for that model, since the manufacturer has already announced removing of them from the market. However, now we have an old and new model on the market, with great changes and improvements and surely great novelties in the engine.


  • The model is made for city driving, with a small hybrid engine.
  • The design is in the same line with the best models in class.


  • The height is much bigger than on city crossovers.
  • TWe have not seen equipment and cabin of the car.


2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV review

First spy photos showed that 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV will be a small city car for daily usage. The small and low front end has great squared shape with the obviously wide grille. The lights were not being visible this time, under the heavy camouflage, but let us say that they are much more attractive than before, and obviously made in LED technology. The car is a luxury and prettier version of Ford Escape.


2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV interior

The manufacturer has not said much about the design of the cabin, and surely anything about the equipment that will be used there. We are sure that they will use the best in class. When it comes to the design, it should be the same as on luxury models, with great materials, too. We expect the leather in higher trims.


There is no information about the engine in 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV so far. Even though the manufacturer announced great changes in the engine in their SUVs, we are not sure how they will make. However, knowing that Ford prepares a new line of hybrid engines we can surely confirm that one of them will be inside of Corsair, too. It should be in the class of the vehicles that are great for younger buyers, which will use it in city daily driving, which needs only electric engines. There is a possible EcoBoost V6 engine model, too.

2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV rear

2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV Release Date and Price

Since we know that Ford already made changes in their line of the cars for 2020, showing of the new 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV is not surprising. However, when the manufacturer said that the new crossover will hit the market by the beginning of 2020, he surely tough on this vehicle, along with other few models. It is for sure that Ford starts a new line of SUVs, with redesigned F-series (like Ford F-150) so we expect the same changes in this model, too. The price is not shared yet, but let us say that it could be a few thousands of dollars more expensive than previous models – at least $40,000.

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