2021 Ford C-Max

2021 Ford C-Max

It seems that the manufacturer has decided to keep 2021 Ford C-Max in the same line and design, following the models that have been made in years before. It is small, but highly functional, modern and attractive mini-van with great equipment and economical and strong engine. Even though it comes almost unchanged, features that it has adopted from the models before are good enough to make it a great model for younger buyers.


  • The model is well designed and attractive.
  • There is a good petrol engine under the hood.


  • The price is too high for the model.
  • You may feel disappointed with tightness in the cabin.


2021 Ford C-Max Exterior

Although not much changed, 2021 Ford C-Max has great features and details that it had before. Looking from the front end, it looks like a common hatchback, almost the same as Ford Focus and with nothing similar to other vehicles in the class.

There are recognizable trapezoidal grille and large front lights. On the rear end are rounded trunk door, slightly modernized taillights and so many similarities with Focus in shape of the bumper. Do not expect changes in size and platform from the old model, since they have decided to drive on a proven and well-known model. Even though do not look so small, the sloped roof makes it smaller and boxier.


2021 Ford C-Max Interior

Since the model is made to be family mini-van, 2021 Ford C-Max is not that small as we expected. It does not look so tight as we expected, either. Even though there is a great spacious and roomy second row, not always seen in small crossovers and mini-vans, the best in this model is surely quality and luxury, shaped in leather on the seats and good plastic on dashboard. When it comes to technology, it is good for this class, with interesting upgrades from the last model.

2021 Ford C-Max Engine


For the average buyer, the fact that 2021 Ford C-Max has 1.6-liter EcoBoost model with 150 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque sounds an as great deal. Even though the manufacturer has focused on the hybrid version of the model, this petrol engine provides good numbers in term of fuel consumption and speed.

This could be the only petrol model that comes in this version, though. When it comes to the hybrid engine, it should be a good combination of the strength and economy, for the price that is not that high as is usual for hybrid engines.

2021 Ford C-Max Release Date and Price

With 2021 Ford C-Max you get small, trustworthy and well-equipped crossover (or mini-van) for a highly attractive price. It could cost $25,000 if there is no special equipment there, with additions that increase the price up to $28,000. Unfortunately, this is a higher price than we expect for this model.

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