2021 Ford F-350

2021 Ford F-350

2021 Ford F-350 is in the same position as years before. It is not that large truck to be in heavy-duty section, but still good enough for big jobs and overloads. When it comes to the design, it is attractive enough for commercial usage, but not that different from the models in the class. All points at the same though – that manufacturer does not have to change it a lot to keep the same number of buyers and fans. There are no significant changes in those details this year, either.


  • There is a great and strong diesel engine under the hood.
  • The cabin is highly luxury in some trims.


  • The model has not been changed in design for a long time.
  • The high price could surprise.


2021 Ford F-350 Exterior

Although higher trims can boast with the impressive details, the base model of 2021 Ford F-350 has not been significantly changed in design. It should be the same large truck, with a little boxy shape, especially in the rear end, and wide chromatic grille. Limited and Platinum trims will have interesting upgrades mostly on the front end, though. The manufacturer will offer it a single and double cab model and a new version called King Ranch.


2021 Ford F-350 Interior

We used to see luxury in trucks like this, and in previous models, so 2021 Ford F-350 will not change our expectations this time, either. The cabin will have the same level of luxury as before, that is not that expected in large trucks.

However, higher trims still have woody and chromatic details and comfortable seats wrapped in leather. The manufacturer has offered even the technology that is not common in these types of trucks. It includes collision warnings, parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control, with an upgraded infotainment system as well.

2021 Ford F-350 Engine

2021 Ford F-350 Engine

2021 Ford F-350 gets diesel engine that the manufacturer has already used on Ford F-250. It means 6.7-liter turbodiesel engine that produces 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque. This impressive engine is marked as the strongest for heavy-duty class, with a towing capacity of even 21,000 pounds. The similar model has already been used on Ram 3500 HD and they also offer all-wheel and the front-wheel driving system as optional.

2021 Ford F-350 Release Date and Price

2021 Ford F-350 will be, like other models in class, be on the market at the end of the next year. The price is questionable, though. We know that the base model should cost around $35,000, but it is hardly applicable for models in higher trims. Expect that this price will be higher at least for $5,000 or even more. Do not forget that model has numerous trims with some of the highest luxury ones, so it should not be so weird for the people that love these trucks.

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