2021 Ford Fiesta ST

2021 Ford Fiesta ST

2021 Ford Fiesta ST runs on the same design and size, no matter how small and tight it is. Fortunately, the model like this will always have buyers and fans, mostly among those who live in crowdy cities. When it comes to the equipment and engine, there are no significant changes after the last year model. It has few interesting upgrades in interior equipment while the engine is the same as in other versions, including the standard one.


  • The model is above the competition in many ways, especially in functionality.
  • The engine is strong and fast.


  • The model is very small and short.
  • The cabin is a thing and not much comfortable for a high driver.


2021 Ford Fiesta ST Exterior

There are no significant changes in the design of 2021 Ford Fiesta ST from the last year model and base model that this manufacturer produces. The model is more like a modern small hatchback that will not let you down even on the open road. Even though the manufacturer wants to make a model closer to the competition, like Volkswagen Polo, it grows competition in many ways. There are still recognizable details like mesh trapezoidal grille and short rear end.


2021 Ford Fiesta ST Interior

Although small and in some parts tight, the cabin in 2021 Ford Fiesta ST is highly functional. The manufacturer has upgraded infotainment system in the past few years, providing the best version for the model now. On the other hand, commands and technology are adapted to the size of the cabin and dashboard, so it has a small 6.5-inch touchscreen and small buttons.

2021 Ford Fiesta ST Engine

2021 Ford Fiesta ST Engine

Simplicity and functionality, those are two words that describe 2021 Ford Fiesta ST, like any other Fiestas before. The engine that this model gets is the same as on other models in this line, with optional upgrades and additions. The engine that comes in this car is the same 1.6-liter four-inline like base model gets, but this version produces 197 horsepower and 202 pound-feet of torque.

If this seems small and weak keep in mind that this engine increases the speed of 60 mpg for only 6.9 seconds, mostly because of lightweight but also because of the strength of the engine. However, the best in this engine is its fuel economy which is above the average for the class and, as they said, significantly improved for this model. According to their engineers, it is even 38 miles per gallon.

2021 Ford Fiesta ST Release Date and Price

Since there are no significant changes in design and the engine, 2021 Ford Fiesta ST retains the same price as before. Base model should cost around $20,000 but the price significantly increases with all additions and upgrades that this vehicle could get. The final price could be even $30,000. Releasing date is at the beginning of the next year when all new models come out.

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