2021 Ford Focus Electric

2021 Ford Focus Electric

As a version of one of the most adaptable models in the market, 2021 Ford Focus Electric surely changes the way that we accept and see electric cars. It comes as a longer and wider model, completely redesigned in the cabin and low price. The most interesting will surely be the fully electric engine under the hood.


  • The model is modernized and bigger.
  • There is a fully electric and functional battery.


  • The cabin is still tight.
  • The model is not unique and much different.


2021 Ford Focus Electric Exterior

Although used on small versions of this model, 2021 Ford Focus Electric becomes a completely new model that changes not only the design but also the appearance of the model. Since it is a fully electric car, the design is modern and futuristic, with new dimensions of the chassis and great details on the vehicle itself.

The model is made on a new C2 platform (instead of the previous C model) which is longer and accept the features of the electric driving model. This Focus is longer and more attractive than competition’s models, like Nissan Leaf or much more popular Chevrolet Bolt.


2021 Ford Focus Electric Interior

We expect that the cabin inside of the 2021 Ford Focus Electric is larger than its basic version. As we have seen on photos, the prototype obviously should have a longer and wider cabin with more space behind. It is not usual in Focus, especially not in those that have electric engines.

We know that batteries take more space than is common. Luckily, they have placed it below the rear seats, so both cargo space and the cabin remained the same size. They are significantly bigger than a cabin in the base model, so the car has increased in some kind of small crossover.

2021 Ford Focus Electric Engine

2021 Ford Focus Electric Engine

Even though the hybrid version gets the acceptably strong and functional engine, the manufacturer has decided to offer 2021 Ford Focus Electric as an addition to the whole line of electric cars that they will make in years to come.

The engine that this version gets should be fully electric 50 kWh engine, that could drive 140 miles per charging and produce impressive 143 horsepower. Along with that, they have planned to improve the charging system so you will be able to charge the engine much faster and in your home and electric stations.

It will surely affect the price, but it will not be such a big increase in price as we maybe we’re afraid of. More likely it will cost slightly higher than before.

2021 Ford Focus Electric Release Date and Price

2021 Ford Focus Electric moves boundaries and changes the way that we see electric small cars. With the price of only $30,000, it is surely one of the favorable models that future buyers should consider on. The releasing date is later next year.

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