2021 Ford Focus RS

2021 Ford Focus RS

Not only that manufacturer has redesigned the basic model but also offered 2021 Ford Focus RS, a higher and slightly improved version of the standard model. Along with the ST model, RS is usually a sportier variant of the basic version. This time it comes with the addition on the bumpers and stronger engines under the hood.


  • The model has great design and sporty details.
  • There is great engine under the hood.


  • The cabin is small and tight.
  • The price is maybe too high.


2021 Ford Focus RS Exterior

It is not easy to compete with the best models in class, especially if they are different in size and design. Fortunately, 2021 Ford Focus RS could be more competitive thanks to the three shapes and sizes that they have planned to make.

Along with the well-known hatchback model that will directly compete with Volkswagen Polo, there is station wagon version and the completely new one, a compact form which will be the only model that they will make in China (while previous two remains in Germany). That is not the only change, the manufacturer added new colors on the list. Finally, RS version gets additions on the front bumper and trunk door to make model sportier and faster.


2021 Ford Focus RS Interior

Not only that 2021 Ford Focus RS has a great safety system that many bigger cars can envy, but they have offered great technology. You will be able to choose (some in the base model and some in higher trims things like 8-inch multifunctional LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth connection along with the phone app connection, Sync 3 infotainment system, ramp start assistant, electronic stability control, automatic and digital air conditioning and reverse camera.

Unfortunately, cabin size and comfort are not that impressive. The manufacturer knew that not everybody will like this small capacity, so they have made an effort to include everything they can. As we can say, they achieved that goal.

2021 Ford Focus RS Engine

2021 Ford Focus RS Engine

Even though the base model has small and maybe not the that strong and fast engine that we wanted, the 2021 Focus RS gets not much bigger but stronger 2.0-liter Eco Boost model. It should produce 280 horsepower and maybe even 290 horsepower.

However, the engine is not that new, the manufacturer had it last year, but we expect that they could improve some engine’s performances. The model should come along with the six-speed automatic transmission. As every other strong and fast engine, this model surely gets the best safety system that is possible.

2021 Ford Focus RS Release Date and Price

The price for 2021 Ford Focus RS starts from $25,000 but with additions and equipment, it could increase up to $30,000. However, with changes in the engine and the equipment, the price is not high for the model.

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