2021 Ford Focus

2021 Ford Focus

Even though exist so long, 2021 Ford Focus brings few novelties and details that will be attractive even for the new buyers. For the small price, you can have a small but functional hatchback or wagon and still have a practical car for the city driving.


  • The model is great for city crowds.
  • The engines are functional and strong for the size.


  • The cabin is very small.
  • The price could be lower for this model.



Great news come from the manufacturer in term of the design. The manufacturer has decided to offer three versions of the 2021 Ford Focus. Along with the common hatchback size and look, they will offer a station wagon model, (both will be made in Germany) and a new compact version that will be made in China. On that way the manufacturer has increased the list of the models that will compete with it, so on the side of the Honda Civic, we can expect that Chevrolet Cruise and Volkswagen Polo could be afraid of it. The manufacturer has offered the new list of the colors.


2021 Ford Focus Interior

Even though we cannot say much about the size of the cabin inside of 2021 Ford Focus, as we all know that it is not much larger than on average hatchback, the equipment and safety system is way about the competition and could make us satisfied in spite of the small size.

As we know so far, the manufacturer offers impressive technology system, like 8-inch multifunctional LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth connection along with the phone app connection, Sync 3 infotainment system, ramp start assistant, electronic stability control, automatic and digital air conditioning, and reverse camera. Some of those features are available only in higher trims.

2021 Ford Focus Engine

2021 Ford Focus Engine

There should be offered two engines with new 2021 Ford Focus. The base model gets the functional and economical 1.6-liter with 135 horsepower. This small hatchback increases the speed of 60 mph very slowly, for 12.5 seconds, way below the competition.

However, since this is the engine that the manufacturer has already used before, they know that buyers and fans accepted it and do not care about lower numbers. In case that you are more likely for stronger and faster models, there is higher trim, Titanium that will get 2.0-liter and 178 horsepower.

As the opposite of the previous one that has an only five-speed manual transmission, this engine comes combined with six-speed automatic transmission. Of course, there will be offered higher versions called RT and ST with much stronger and functional engines.

2021 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

You can be an owner of this small but functional car for only $24,000 which is the base price for 2021 Ford Focus. If you have planned to have it, the beginning of the next year brings a freshly redesigned vehicle.

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